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Encore Living - September

It is All About Visibility and the Ease of Living

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The Importance of Carefully Selecting the People You Hire...

Encore Living - July

Is it your time to grow up....check out this month's newsletter.

Encore Living - June

I need to keep “that” because grandma gave it to me.

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Thinking About Choosing a Retirement Community

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Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

 Survival Essentials has worked with a delightful array of people over the years and there has truly not been a one that hasn’t said “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”  On the other hand, they also all started out feeling overwhelmed.  How about you?  Survival Essentials can relieve the overwhelmed feeling and also get you “there” sooner!


Health Fair 2014

Chester County's SENIORS!

Staying at Home -  Article

  • Senior Helpers:  Non-Medical Home care
  • Survival Essentials:  De-cluttering and organizing including home accessibility
  • Brooklands Audiology - Audiology Care
  • Calmon Patient Advocate – your medical advocate 
  • Pine and Pine Law Offices= Veterans benefits
  • Anna Meyerson, DMD -Dental services
  • Giant Market – grocery delivery and in-house pharmacy
  • Pine and Pine Law offices- Elder Law Attorney
  • Survival Essentials - Transitioning to new locations when needed
  • Synergy Physical Therapy -Occupational and/or Physical Therapy
  • Willow Tree Hospice – Hospice Care
  • SarahCare - Adult Day care
  • Rite Aid - Pharmacy that offers home delivery
  • Keystone Magnification -Products for Ophthalmic deficiencies
  • A to Z appliance – Appliance repair
  • Green Drop – Donation pick ups from your home (Purple Heart and Nat’l Federation of the Blind
  • East Goshen Police Department – on site to pick up outdated medications and to alert seniors regarding identity theft and other scams.


Chester County's SENIORS!

Jean Back is interviewed by publication for and about Chester county seniors

Downsizing is "Essential"



Are You Thinking About Moving

Would your home sell right now?

Before you begin the move process, walk through your home with a camera, and photograph every section of it. Those photos will be helpful for critical review for staging and later for your personal “before and after” views. 

Will your trash cans be burgeoning as you prepare to move? 

Using contractor’s trash bags will not only help secure unwieldy trash but also make the process progress smoothly. 


It’s nice to have a bottle of wine handy when you are finished packing, but leave the liquor boxes at the store. Purchase multiple sized moving boxes (or check with your moving company if they can provide moving supplies) at your local big box hardware store, packing tape and tape gun, and packing paper. LOTS of boxes will be needed and once the move is complete you can recycle them or offer to someone else in need.



Dunkin Donuts free coffee to people over 55

Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee over 55

Wendy's: 10% off over 55

Dress Barn: 20% off over 55

Rail: Amtrak: 15% off over 62

Lodging: Best Western: 40% off over 55