Jean Back offers a variety of Presentations for your group and covers a variety of topics.  

Here are some examples:

  • Helping you make decisions to clear out accumulated belongings in your home before you move. Auction or donation?
  • How will your house stand up for sale and sell quickly?  - The before and after of staging.
  • Are you moving too many things? The art of downsizing.
  • How to be packed and ready two days before moving day! 
  • Aging in Place – how to prepare your home and plan for proper care to keep your independence
  • How to live like an organized person and have fun.
  • How to keep clutter at bay.
  • Helping parents to help their kids to be organized too. Let’s make it fun!

Testimonial from attendee:
It was good to get “permission” [from Jean] to de-clutter my sentimental things. Dr. Phil says stuff like she said. Things aren’t people. I remember being hurt over watching my sister throw away something I had given her. An old shirt. But I also remember thinking “my sister loves me—she’s not throwing me away – just an old shirt that she can’t use any more.” I think she was using it as a cleaning rag, which is why I saw it. It was definitely a worthwhile program! - J. Peters, West Chester, PA

Which presentation meets the needs of your group?

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