Are You Thinking About Moving


Where do you begin if you are going to do this on your own?  

Whether you are getting ready to downsize and move, or just know that it is time to pass on to others things in your home that you no longer use.  Check out these suggestions, but also remember that statistics have shown (New York Times article) that it takes at least a year to do it on your own and Survival Essentials can make this all happen in a very timely manner (days or weeks.)

Choose a starting location that is in an area in your home that you can clear totally and then use as a place to put items to be donated or that you pack to take with you.

Be prepared with heavy duty (contractor) trash bags, a sturdy trash can, paper and pencil, a box cutter, good lighting (set up a pole lamp or clip light near where you are working if necessary), a few sturdy boxes for sorting in to and even a card table and chair to be able to sit and “go through” the items without having to bend down.

Work in one area/room at a time.  Be systematic in starting closest to the door and moving inward.  Do not miss a drawer, closet or storage area in this space.  If you find something of great interest to peruse, rather than stopping to do so, place it right outside the doorway to look at later and continue working.  

Work in small increments, a half hour to an hour at a time.  Consider:  donate, auction, trash. Clean as you go…pull out the drawers and also pull furniture away from the wall so that it is cleaned.Start a punch list of items that need to be done if you are putting the house on the market (painting, repairs, pull up old carpet, etc.)

Find out from your trash company what they will take and check on the next hazardous waste disposal date. Bring in help….. If you bring in help, remember that with family that they have other obligations and may make decisions far too quickly, often throwing out items that could be sold at auction or donated and would benefit your tax deductions.

The task is overwhelming.  Survival Essentials provides help to “jump start your move.”  We would be pleased to “help you to do this sooner.”

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