Estate Clean Out


We Will Hold Your Hand

The idea of cleaning out a family estate is overwhelming. Whether you have lost a parent, or they have called for help to assist them to downsize to a smaller home or transition to a continuing care facility Survival Essentials will relieve your stress and work our magic to deal with all aspects of cleaning out the property.

With particular attention to your wishes we will carefully evaluate the accumulated items in the home and help to divide up and clear out the possessions, prepare the house for sale and once sold provide the final furnishing removal.

“Jean and her team did everything: sorted, packed, got movers to take things to auction and thrift., cleaned, changed out light fixtures, patched, contacted the right resources to move things and sell things, staged the house, sold items on her website and much more. All my brother and I had to do was select those things we wanted to keep...Their service was priceless..” Susan S., Chadds Ford, PA

Many homes we work in are filled with items both of value and those that may be “thrift-able.” Through our astute and careful handling we make sure that anything of value is distributed (sold, donated, kept in the family) to your best advantage. Read more about distribution detail.

  • Our first step in the process is to meet with the family or executor. The legal process requires that before any clear out is done that the estate value is established and we can suggest appraisal sources. Often we will pull out everything for display so that the appraisal can be easily completed.
  • After that is completed the Survival Essentials team continue to sort through the entire home and divide the items in a manner for easy viewing/accessibility and pack items for storage and/or shipments to absentee owners’ heirs with careful review of items that may be of personal importance (often of emotional or monetary value.)
  • If the home is to be sold, through this process, we de-clutter and stage it to provide a welcome to a buyer.
  • Once the house is sold we come in to handle the final clear out and the appropriate method of furnishing liquidation.

We keep in touch regularly with the appropriate parties throughout the process and also coordinate or handle any home improvements necessary in order to expedite the home sale.

Our sensitive and caring team members at Survival Essentials have the family’s best interests at heart and are able to make this overwhelming task easier for all.

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Serving: Southeastern Pennsylvania & neighboring communities in New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland.