Estate Clean Out


Distribution Details

Donation - Non-saleable objects are donated to benefit charitable organizations whenever possible. Written documentation from the charity indicating the value of the donation will be provided for tax deduction purposes. Objects that are not viable for charitable donation will be recycled if applicable.

Auction - As we work hand in hand with a variety of auction or appraisal companies we have found that far too often at the time of clear out the process can be done by the inexperienced, and things of value are inadvertently tossed. Our staff is familiar with items of value and understands proper handling of these items prior to their review by certified appraisers.

Direct Sale - As a Survival Essentials’ client, as we work with you to clear out your home we offer and option to sell some of your furnishings through our web site. This service is included in our “clear out package.” In some situations we suggest local consignment shops for these items.

Through phone calls, e-mail, fax, and photo slideshows we keep in touch regularly with the appropriate parties throughout the process and also coordinate or handle any home improvements necessary in order to expedite the home sale.

Rest assured that our sensitive and caring team members at Survival Essentials have the family’s best interests at heart and are able to make this overwhelming process easier for all.

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Serving: Southeastern Pennsylvania & neighboring communities in New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland.