Estate Clean Out


The Sorting Process

Survival Essentials will relieve your stress by helping to carefully evaluate the accumulated items in the home. Many homes we work in are filled with items both of value and those that may be donated.

We sort through everything in every drawer, closet, cabinet and cupboard (and clean as we go) to locate personal items, photos, collections, etc. for the family, beneficiaries and heirs, including important documents. Our process can be very time consuming but we make sure that nothing is missed (or has been hidden in a place that someone else may overlook.)

“I still can't get over how great the house clearing was … I could not have done all that without your help. Having items categorized for us was SO helpful….. Thanks again to you, John, and your crew. My family and I are grateful for the clearing and cleaning.” Carl I., Los Gatos, CA

In clearing out a home that will be sold, we suggest that furnishings remain in the home for showing it to its best advantage. Current statistics show that a clean and properly staged home sells quickly and at an appropriate figure.

Once the house sells, we continue with the complete clear out and prepare it for the final buyer’s walk through. This includes arranging shipping or moving of items to family members and other appropriate disposition (auction, direct sale, donation.)

Our sensitive and caring team members at Survival Essentials have the family’s best interests at heart and are able to make this overwhelming process easier for all.

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